Some of the toughest challenges for businesses today are recruiting and talent development. A well-designed onboarding experience can significantly improve your employees’ experience and improve retention. Ease allows employers to manage employee benefits and onboarding all in one central location. Streamline your onboarding process, digitize your enrollment, and help your employees make better decisions for themselves and their families. Ease also assists with ACA compliance and reporting. It makes communication, management, and enrollment of employees simple.
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Employers benefit because using Ease eliminates paperwork and hassle, saving your staff time. The process eliminates the frustration of having to decipher handwritten entries or track down employees to get them to fully complete enrollment forms. It allows for seamless communication to employees about open enrollment and collects data about their progress. It also gathers demographic, dependent, and beneficiary information, ensuring the data you have is accurate and up to date.

Employees benefit because the Ease portal and their enrollment and benefit information is always available to them, not just during open enrollment. They can compare plan details like copays and deductibles in a single view, simplifying their decision making process. They only have to enter their personal information once and can sign forms digitally. The Ease portal is accessible anytime via web, mobile, or iOS and Android mobile app.

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