Do you have questions about how to handle employee termination, update your employee handbook, address employee training on issues like sexual harassment, or ensure document compliance? The legalities of employment change continually and are difficult to understand. Mineral provides direct information as well as real-time access to legal and certified HR experts who can answer your questions quickly and accurately.

Mineral Experts™

HR-certified experts answer questions in real time

Smart Employee Handbook

State and federal-compliant handbook builder that sends alerts as laws change

Custom Course Uploader

Tool that enables clients to add custom training to their course catalog

Benefits Document Creator

Benefit plan documents compliant with ERISA and updated as laws change

Mineral Intelligence™

Proactive recommendations with real-time alerts, timely guidance and tangible action items


Learning management system that houses nearly 300 online training courses

HR Compliance Library

Searchable library updated with the latest laws and HR best practices


Mix of newsletters, law alerts, webinars and client training

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Take the guesswork out of HR and compliance with this complimentary platform that provides access to easy-to-understand tools and resources, forms and templates, and law alerts specific to your industry. Mineral saves you time and money so you can stop worrying about legal compliance and get back to what you do best – running your business.